Make Diagnostic Plots for NA-CORDEX Zarr Stores

Create and Connect to a Dask Distributed Cluster

Run the cell below if the notebook is running on a NCAR supercomputer. If the notebook is running on a different parallel computing environment, you will need to replace the usage of NCARCluster with a similar object from dask_jobqueue or dask_gateway.

☝️ Link to Dask dashboard will appear above.

Find and Obtain Data Using an Intake Catalog

Open catalog and produce a content summary

Load data into xarray using the catalog

Functions for Plotting

Helper Function to Create a Single Map Plot

Helper Function for Finding Dates with Available Data

Function Producing Maps of First, Middle, and Final Timesteps

Function Producing Statistical Map Plots

Function Producing Time Series Plots

Also show which dates have no available data values, as a rug plot.

Produce Diagnostic Plots

Plot First, Middle, and Final Timesteps for Several Output Runs (less compute intensive)